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Review of Sun Palace Casino

So often people are looking for something new, something cool, something refreshing. We, as human beings, like to have variety in our lives. Something different every day that keeps life truly enjoyable and new. When it comes to online casino websites, some fit this bill, and some don't. Sun Palace casino is one of these websites that, unfortunately, does not.

First, the thing that really caught my eye in the beginning, and not in a good way, is that in order to withdraw any money that you may have made, you have to wager your deposit PLUS your bonus amount at least thirty times. That means in order to win anything you have to risk losing your money thirty different times. To me, this is not at all acceptable. Should not a person have the ability to withdraw the money that he has made fairly, and according to the rules of the game? Adding this stipulation is cruel and really pushes people away.

The website, on the other hand, is quite well done. It has a refreshingly different colour scheme, being gold and light colours as opposed to the regal purples and darks so typically found on online casinos today. The menus are very easy to navigate, and it is very easy to find everything that you are looking for. This makes their website layout and design very well done.

Another thing that goes in their favour is the fact that you don't have to download their software before you can play their games. Unlike a lot of other online casinos, a potential client has the ability to "test drive" their games before truly committing to the download and installation of the software. This allows people who are simply looking for a casino to try it out before deciding. A great choice on the casino's part. In relation to this, the typically annoying popup to download the software was graciously limited to my initial arrival at the page, meaning that I did not have to say "no" multiple times to their offer.

Despite how well done this website does some things, I was not at all impressed by their bonuses. They claim to give a 125% bonus to whatever you deposit, but this is limited to only up to $100. However, if you deposit more, this 125% is reduced to a mere 25%, along with $125 for the first $100. Considering some of the other bonus offers going on in other online casinos, I see no reason whatsoever that this bonus should attract anyone but the most unresearched of individuals.

Finally, the games that they have to play are, in fact, abundant. There are many different options for the potential client to enjoy, from the more traditional to the more modern and risky. According to the website, there are more than eighty different games and varieties. You shouldn't get bored any time soon, and with their fair play rules, you know that you are getting these games fair and square, and without worry of being ripped off.

Although this casino is not the worst of its kind, there are a few things that really turned me off from it, and because of this, I cannot recommend it whole-heartedly to zealous, hardworking individuals looking to win it big.

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