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If I said the word "gambling" what would be the first thing to come to your mind? Would it be the amazing casinos in the different parts of the foreign world? Or would it be the legendary Las Vegas, the site of pilgrimage for most of Adult north America today? When confronted with an onslaught of so many different choices and destinations in which to play games in a casino, playing these games online is often overlooked. This could just be because this is a relatively new field in the world of casino. Or it could be because it still hasn't gained a good reputation for itself. Whatever the case may be, it may be a worth a look into websites like Slots Plus.

This website seemed to be quite well done. It was very easy to navigate, and everything was laid out exactly the way one would think it should be laid out. One thing that I thought was a little fuzzy was where to find the terms and conditions, and the fact that "US players welcome" was plastered all over their site, despite being located in the EU. Beyond this, though, their website was well done.

As for their bonuses for beginners, I didn't feel that they were overly great, as compared to other casino websites that I have seen so far. They claim that they offer a 200% bonus on whatever amount you deposit into their databases. This means that if you deposit $100, you will actually get $300 to play with. Beyond this, if you use a specific type of card for your initial deposit, you will gain a whopping extra $25! I don't feel very attracted to the bonuses, unless you are going to lay down a lot of cash for the first time. Most people who play these kind of games probably wouldn't be putting down $10,000 for their initial deposit.

They do, however, seem to have a decent amount of games on their site, with the majority being different variations of slots, as their name would seem to suggest is the emphasis. However, despite of this emphasis, those who seek other avenues of entertainment won't be disappointed if they are looking for the more traditional games such as 3-D poker, craps, and blackjack. Like every other casino and casino website, these traditional players won't be disappointed.

One thing I really found irritating, though, is when something continually pops up on your screen asking if you want to download their program. It's ok the firs time, when you visit their site. But when it keeps coming up, it begins to feel like more than a friendly invitation, and like someone is trying to force feed you something you just don't want at the moment. When I feel ready to download the program, I will click on the large button in the middle of the screen . I don't need popups as well. It should be noted, though, that this is not the only website to do this, and it is equally irritating on all sites that resort to this tactic.

All in all, this website seems to be a genuine site, and they don't seem to make things too difficult. However, their bonuses didn't excite me, and I would probably try my hand somewhere else.

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