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The Poker Run Of Archie Karas
There are plenty of heroes in the world of sport, music and acting to last people a lifetime. These are people that are looked up to and adored by the public in a very large way and it may be that people like to follow the advice and choices of these people. That is all well and good but if you are a casino player, you may be looking elsewhere for motivation and lifestyle tips. There are always good options to follow and choose from but it may be that the story of Archie Karas and he turned $50 into $40million in two years could be the thing that you have been waiting to hear!

Karas had already won and lost a million dollar bankroll before he arrived in Las Vegas and as the story goes, he had $50 to his name. Of course, Archie was well known in some parts and he was able to find a former gambling friend who decided to stake Archie $10,000 for a game of poker. Archie began his run in a $200/$200 Razz game and before too long he had managed to build a bankroll of $30,000. The fact that Archie then immediately handed $20,000 over to the friend who provided him the initial stake, Karas stated to track down games of pool in Las Vegas.

The story then continues that Karas started playing against a player who is only referred to as Mr X and in a two month period, the players were regularly playing pool for $10,000 a game. Over the two months, Kara held the upper hand but Mr X was still extremely wealthy and he decided to up the stakes to a level that even a professional would blanche away from, a price of $40,000 a game. However, the price of the games may have changed but the outcome never and at the end of these outcomes, Karas managed to take another $1.2m from Mr X.
Moving away from pool, the two players engaged in poker and Mr X allegedly had a solid reputation for the game. Nonetheless, Archie Karas managed to walk away with $3m from these poker games before Mr X decided that enough was enough and he quit the games. This may have been enough for the victor too but Karas decided that there was plenty more to play for though and he continued on his playing and winning streak.

Poker and pool kept Karas on a winning streak, turning his bankroll into $7m but as his reputation developed, the number of players looking to take him on dropped off. Big name poker players were the only ones looking to take him on but at the end of his poker reign, Karas had a $17m bankroll behind him. With no more opponents willing to play him, it may have been the end for Karas fantastic run but he decided to switch to casino games and just kept on winning.


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